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As a mod maker, I would like the ability to create translations into any language.

Currently ...

  • ... the editor only supports characters that can be displayed as UTF-8 and are valid within an XML context.
  • ... the game only supports characters that can be encoded as 16-bit UTF-16LE.
  • ... the editor officially only supports the five official base-game languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish). There is no official support for other languages at the moment, and there are no plans to support other languages in the future.

The reason for that is the requirement to swap the encoding from the game's 16-bit UTF-16LE encoding to the XML-supported UTF-8 (UTF-8 with all characters that XML does not allow for properly escaped or removed) which is trivial for code points up to U+128 (pretty much every symbol used in the Latin alphabet), and also sufficient for the base-game languages. In order to support the import and decoding of translation files using non-latin alphabets I would not only need access to a translation that uses a different alphabet, but also have to re-write several core components of the editor which is a time consuming task.

So in order to even consider adding support for languages other than the officially supported ones I'd need ...

  • ... access to a translation file in the *.DAT format that I can use for testing.
  • ... a native speaker to verify the decoded translation to ensure that the character mapping is indeed correct.
  • ... the time actually implement that.

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